Experts from "Payment Systems” company offer comprehensive consultations on the following direction:

Payment systems
Comprehensive information about payment system of your interest
Electronic currencies’ exchange
Electronic money cashing
Emission of electronic money

Bank payment instruments
Existing payment instruments
Working with bank payment card
Transfers between bank payment cards
Goods’ reimbursement by bank payment car (credit card)

Money transfer systems (for individuals and legal entities)
Selection of optimal service provider for cash transfer to foreign countries
Methods of loss minimization while making transfers

Selection of payment system for private usage
Selection of payment system for corporative usage
Selection of payment system for online shop and web-site

Porting to payment systems as a merchant with an option of paymentsreceipt (technical consultations)
Distribution and realization of digital goods, services and facilities
Payments’ receipt for goods, services and facilities

Emission, maintenance and acceptance of prepaid cards
Development of payment systems for public services: social networks, introduction services, multiuser games, bonus and discount systems
Payments’ receipt on web-sites

Methods and means of security level advancement while settlements’ performing
Checkup of payment recipient
Recommendations on information leakage prevention
Information systems’, web-sites’ and networks’ checkup concerning penetration, information leakage, attack from the outside and without security perimeter