Non-contact payments

Non-contact payment cards is a new generation of payment instruments and technologies which enables to fulfill settlements using the NFC technology.

NFC (Near Field Communication)the technology of wireless high-frequency connection with minor operation radius which enables data exchange between devices being at a distance of ca. 10 centimeters (ca. 4 inches).[1] Such technology is an easy extension of non-contact cards’ standard (ISO 14443) which unites a smart-card and a reader interface in one device. An NFC device is able to support connection both with existing smart-cards and readers of ISO 14443 standard as well as with other NFC devices, and thus is compatible with existing infrastructure of non-contact cards already used in public transport and payment systems. NFC is above all intended for usage in mobile phones.

The company "Payment Systems has developed and implemented a solution which enables to use all opportunities provided by NFC technology in your business-systems, or to build an infrastructure that will be customized for the requirements of your business-processes.