Multipass – Customers’ mobile identity service

United discount net – your telephone becomes a key to all discount programs and discount offers. Now all your discount cards shall be provided by your mobile telephone.

Advertisement net – but for delivery of ordered goods, system users shall receive commercial and marketing messages which can be [serve as] discount leaflets, discount certificates, gift certificates, tickets etc.

Electronic ticket (mobile ticket) – this is a single-time code delivered to your telephone by means of BlueTooth, NFC or on a smart card which enables receipt of services similar to those obtained while purchase of customary, traditional tickets

Pass – your telephone receives a single-time code which enables to pass a road gating block, control post, ticket-office.

Gift Certificate – has a money nominal equivalent which can be spent one time to the complete amount on goods or services provided by the supplier. The gift code shall be delivered to another users’ telephone during his presence at a service point of gift supplier.

Coupon – has a money nominal equivalent which can be spent in settlements by progressive decrease of nominal.

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